Brand has significant effect on employee performance

The strength of an organisation’s brand has a significant impact on the performance of its employees, according to research.

A survey of 800 workers employed at organisations defined by marketing experts as ‘business superbrands’ shows that they feel a much greater sense of pride, attachment and trust towards their employer than the national average.

They are also significantly more likely to recommend their company to others and claim it treats employees well, the BRMB survey shows.

The following statements that influence commitment and performance highlight the difference between superbrand employees and the national average:

“I am proud to work for this company” 82% superbrand (50% national average)

“I have a strong attachment to the company” 76% superbrand (39% national average)

“I would recommend my employer to other people” 68% superbrand (38% national average)

“The company treats its employees well” 69% superbrand (43% national average)

“It is an organisation I can trust” 76% superbrand (41% national average) 

The research also showed that superbrands have a significant recruitment advantage and perform above the national average on a range of factors that affect employee acquisition, such as reputation, innovation and trustworthiness.

Superbrands are chosen by the independent and voluntary Business Superbrands Council (BSC), which is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and the British Brands Group.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the BSC, said: “This is another example of the way that brands deliver value to business that impacts directly on the bottom line.

“It shows that the brand strength built-up by superbrands as diverse as Eddie Stobart, Thames Water, O2 and Prontaprint creates committed, loyal employees that work harder, enhance productivity and provide competitive advantage for the company.”

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