Businesses to provide teachers “on loan”

The Government is looking to
industry and business to help ease the impending shortfall of around 40,000

Professionals from the private
sector, who will probably have degrees or doctorates, will come into schools on
loan and help free up teachers time, enabling them to carry out core duties.

Staff from universities and further
education will also be drafted in to allow teachers to have a more flexible
timetable, reports the Financial Times.

IT will also be used more heavily
with an emphasis on Internet-based learning.

"Teaching must remodel itself
to keep up to date," Estelle Morris, education and skills secretary told
the Social Market Foundation.

"It could be one of the special
turning points in the history and development of our education system,"
she added.

The Government has promised an extra
10,000 teachers but also admitted that it expected the shortages to worsen by

By Ross Wigham

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