Cable&Wireless and Kineo e-learning nominated for further award

Kineo and Cable&Wireless have partnered to create a smart approach to Rapid E-learning that has delivered results to the business at speed.

Today the partnership has, once again, been shortlisted for an award, this time for ‘Rapid E-learning Solution of the Year’ in the World of Learning Awards 2008.

To deliver on its challenging key business and customer requirements, Cable&Wireless needed a new model for e-learning delivery – one that could provide rapid response, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve this Cable&Wireless chose to partner with Kineo, the leaders in rapid e-learning, to collaborate with its internal team to develop new ways to address business requirements.

The smart approach to rapid e-learning is helping to transform learning in Cable&Wireless, by delivering more e-learning for less.

Today the e-learning industry has recognised the value delivered through this partnership by nominating it for the ‘Rapid E-learning Solution of the year’.

This is the second time the Kineo and Cable&Wireless partnership has been shortlisted for an award in the past four weeks. 

Kineo and Cable&Wireless have used a range of rapid e-learning tools and techniques to deliver a huge range of solutions to the business, including over 20 product knowledge modules, a suite of 12 modules for the 650 managers in the organisation and a learning microsite.

The average development time for a module is three weeks.

Mike Booth, Learning Technology Manager at Cable&Wireless said:

“We’re delighted to be recognised as a company that’s leading on the effective use of rapid e-learning. Through our partnership with Kineo, we’ve been able to deliver high quality learning at great speed to the business, time and again. The feedback from the business and from learners has been tremendous. We’re very proud of the results and of the great partnership we’ve built with the Kineo team.”

Steve Rayson, Kineo Managing Partner, says,

“Our collaboration with Cable&Wireless shows how a rapid approach to e-learning can transform organisations. Through our focus on design and quality, coupled with efficiency in development, we have delivered over 50 modules for Cable&Wireless, in an average timeline of three weeks per module. We’re immensely proud of the collaboration, and a further nomination for an award.”

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