Call centre staff ring in with complaints

A new
TUC hotline to investigate workplace harassment in call centres received 400
calls in its first week.

It is
part of the union’s campaign to improve working conditions in call centres.

TUC has received calls from employees claiming they have to put their hands up
to go to the toilet and are monitored on how long they spend in there.

union also claims that some call centre staff are not able to take more than
three days leave in one go, and are forced to go into work to report in sick.

call centres already treat their staff with respect and others are making a
real effort to clean up their act. But these figures show there are still too
many centres using bullying tactics to pressurise and intimidate
employees," said the TUC’s general secretary John Monks.

freephone hotline will run until 23 February.

Paul Nelson




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