Camaraderie is great but where’s the teambuilding?

Undoubtedly, a day practising circus skills, undergoing a treasure hunt or learning a new instrument can be hugely enjoyable and promote a temporary sense of wellbeing, understanding and camaraderie among team members (Personnel Today, 15 May).

Without being a killjoy, however, I would urge against confusing these types of activities with true teambuilding events. In fact, they can sometimes give a bad name to properly thought-through and objective-driven teambuilding.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter what activity is used to encourage team members to work together. What seemed to be missing, however, were any structured review sessions linking the experience back to the realities of the workplace, and any subsequent action planning.

If sessions such as these are carefully tied in with business strategies and internal performance management systems, then you’ll derive real business and personal benefit.

Simon Hollington, executive chairman, Values Based Leadership

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