Fuse Jobs site launches London’s first-time jobseekers

A jobs website created exclusively for people looking for their first role, returning to work or looking for a complete change, has launched in London.

www.fusejobs.co.uk is the Capital’s first ‘entry-level’ jobs website. There are no senior roles or jobs asking for years of experience; the 10,000+ jobs listed at launch are all suitable for people with little or no experience.

 “It is disheartening to see lists of jobs asking for experience you just don’t have, so we’ve sifted all those out and come up with thousands of London jobs suitable for first timers, returners and those looking for a complete change,” said Fuse Jobs director Matt Haikin. 


“It is all possible through our innovative web technology which allows Fuse Jobs to offer a faster and more streamlined approach to finding a job. There’s no need for jobseekers to do multiple searches and visit many sites as Fuse Jobs does all the hard work for them.  We take jobs from a wide range of sources and filter out the irrelevant ones, to create a comprehensive list of entry-level vacancies.” said Haikin.

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