Capgemini invests in staff development

Thousands of staff at consultancy firm Capgemini have been given the opportunity to learn new skills that could help them change careers.


Staff can use the competency models to plan a change of career within the firm. The models show the interpersonal skills and the certified IT skills that are required for each role.


Capgemini said it encourages staff to direct their own careers. It expects them to progress through its own internal certification scheme in addition to gaining external skills certificates.


The competency models rank skills from level one for graduate trainees to level four for highly experienced staff. Senior IT roles at Capgemini require certification to the maximum level of skill.


Capgemini employee development manager Jim Moore said: “We define what we would expect people to know. Then we have training programmes related to each of those stages.”


As Capgemini provides services to many organisations in different sectors, employees often find they are free to move to a part of the business where their skills objectives will be met.


HR director Louise Hawkins said: “If someone is interested in moving, they could facilitate a meeting with someone who works in their area of interest.”

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