Career development comes second to social plans for UK workers

UK workers are more interested in planning their next night out than thinking about their careers, according to research.

Career Control, a report by HR consultancy Chiumento, found nearly half of workers admit to putting more effort into their after-work plans than their professional paths.

The survey reveals that most UK workers are serial drifters, with only 20% having a  clear idea where their career is going. However, nearly three-quarters want to do something different in future:

  • 98% know they should actively plan their careers but 48% put more effort into their social lives
  • 36% think they have been made redundant because of their career apathy. A further 30% believe they have missed out on promotions because they have not put enough time and effort into their job and 27% think they have been passed over for a pay rise
  • Nearly half of those who switch jobs without proper planning are dissatisfied – 32% are less satisfied than before
  • 60% only think about changing jobs when bored or frustrated and 39% think about their career only when forced to through redundancy or because they need more money
  • 38% don’t feel prepared to be on the job market again and 44% would not know what to do next – 42% would feel terrified or anxious at the prospect
  • 69% want to do something different in the future but are held back by their finances and 52% don’t know how to make it happen.

“This is a wake-up call to employees to get their careers on track or risk losing out,” said Sarah Chiumento, chief executive of Chiumento.

“Workers need to be more proactive or they will jeopardise their chances to get on or move into something new.”

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