CBI approves of government proposals to reduce regulatory burden on business

The CBI has welcomed a fresh drive by the government to reduce the regulatory burden on business, announced by business secretary John Hutton.

Greater pressure will be placed on regulators to review and reduce the number of unnecessary burdens placed on businesses through legislation, while plans to simplify health and safety costs for low-risk firms and dispute resolution laws will also be introduced.

In addition, a “more coherent and business-friendly approach to handling and communicating regulatory change” is to come into effect based around the twice-yearly common commencement dates for introducing new rules, currently 6 April and 1 October.

CBI deputy director-general John Cridland said: “This is a positive start from the new Department for Business that gives fresh energy to the regulatory reform agenda.

“Critically, the proposals include practical measures that should deliver time and cost savings on the ground, and reward the vast majority of well-managed, compliant businesses. There is a healthy mix of carrot and stick to ensure regulators keep to their side of the deregulatory bargain.”

Hutton added: “We are committed to reducing the burden on business of regulation. But we also want to make it easier for businesses to meet their legal obligations with clearer guidance and better communication.”

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