Flexible working and good relationships with colleagues are top factors in employee wellbeing

Flexible working hours and relationships with colleagues are the highest contributing factors to the wellbeing of UK employees, new research has found.

A survey of more than 5,100 employees by online learning provider SkillSoft found that “working with people I like” is cited by 48% of respondents, while 41% said “feeling liked by my colleagues” was crucial for their wellbeing.

More than four in 10 respondents said getting on with colleagues was more important than getting on with their boss (34.8%). And more than one-third would choose to confide in a colleague if they were unhappy at work, compared to 29% who would consult their direct manager or supervisor.

Only 2.4% of respondents said they would speak to their HR department, while worryingly, 17% claim they would not speak out at all.

Respondents wanted to see an improvement in the management skills of their boss, when asked what their organisations could do to help make work a better place.

Kay Baldwin-Evans, director of research at SkillSoft, said: “Our survey shows that to create a contented workforce, organisations need to foster a friendly and supportive working environment; demonstrate to employees that they are valued; and promote a healthy work-life balance by finding ways to allow people more flexibility”.

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