CBI attacks EU over ‘heavy handed’ labour laws

CBI has launched a scathing attack on the European Union in a move to stave off
any further ‘heavy handed’ employment laws.

CBI issued a joint statement with Italian counterparts Confindustria claiming
that current EU labour laws were sufficient – covering everything from
discrimination to working hours.

statement criticised the EU for continuing to develop Europe-wide laws on areas
that are impossible to harmonise between nations.

Jones, director general of the CBI, said the European Commission was punishing
firms by forcing through regulation before employer and union agreement had
been reached: "Business is losing faith in the commitment of the
Commission and some national governments to competitiveness and job creation.
Europe’s labour markets are all very different. Some countries need to improve
the mobility of labour while others have problems with skills shortages, "
he said.

want to talk about creating jobs and helping companies improve the lot of
everyone in Europe, rather than wasting time on bureaucratic and inappropriate


By Ross Wigham

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