CBI criticises schools for not providing careers advice for students

The CBI has criticised schools for not providing careers advice for students, but stopped short of demanding it from teachers.

This follows a survey that found nearly half of teachers did not feel it was their job to prepare pupils for the workplace or recommend suitable careers.

“Too many kids don’t get up-to-date advice about what options are available and which doors are open to them,” said Richard Wainer, head of education and skills at the employers’ organisation.

“Young people are not getting the right advice, and schools, businesses and careers services all have a really important role in the standard, quality and quantity of advice.”

The study of 300 teachers found four out of 10 felt that preparing students for a career was not their responsibility, while one-third thought the percentage of pupils who go on to get jobs was the least important indicator of a school’s success.

Another two-thirds put the number of pupils who get good GCSEs as the top measure of achievement, a successful Ofsted report being the next criterion.

Last month, the CBI called on employers and the government to do more to make teenagers pursue careers in science.

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