CBI’s carrot-and-stick approach is too simplistic

It is positive that chief executives are beginning to recognise that people are such a valuable asset, which is reflected in the rise in
the estimated cost of absenteeism.

But considering that a company’s human capital is so valuable, the CBI’s recommendation to stall sick pay for short-term illnesses seems extreme (Personnel Today, 16 May).

While I can understand the need to discourage absenteeism, delaying sick pay – potentially when it is needed the most – will not foster an environment
of trust.

From our research, we know that a company’s atmosphere or culture is inextricably linked to employee commitment to the organisation. Two-thirds of employees would move to another company if they did not like the workplace culture.

Businesses, therefore, need to consider more than the simple carrot-and-stick approach that has been advocated by the CBI.

Keith Potts, Managing director, Jobsite.co.uk

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