Chair training puts you in top position

Disciple Ian sent in the following message, which was e-mailed to his son who works at a “well-known university”:

Dear All,

Could you please inform staff that chair training will be taking place this Friday starting at 10am. Human Scale will attend site and position your chairs correctly for you. This will take approx five to 10 minutes each. I do not believe we will manage to meet with all of you, so I will arrange for more to take place.

At first, Guru thought ‘chair training’ was some kind of executive coaching programme, and that the offer of ‘chair positioning’ was about applying feng shui to meeting places. Then he ran out of puns.

As there is nothing left to say on the matter, here is an interesting piece of trivia: the first recorded use of the word chairman was in 1654. The first recorded use of the word chairwoman was in 1699. It is not clear whether in either case they were given the appropriate ergonomic seating training.

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