Chief executive defends Investors in People

The chief executive of Investors in People (IIP) has hit
back at claims that the scheme makes no impact on business profitability.

Ruth Spellman reacted to claims in the Financial Times
earlier this month by Professor David Storey, of Warwick Business School.

Storey reportedly said in a survey he conducted on behalf of
Deloitte and Touche of more than 6,000 companies showed the standard had no
effect on the bottom line.

But Spellman refuted his findings because just 339
organisations in the survey were IIP-accredited.

She said surveys commissioned on behalf of IIP stated that
accredited companies performed better.

“Investors in People encourages companies and organisations
to improve their HR processes, leading to improvements in staff attitude and

“This has positive impacts on customer satisfaction and
retention as well as causing improvements in service delivery.”

By Richard Staines


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