Childcare policies fail to address mothers’ concerns

strategies have failed to provide universal, affordable childcare and only 2
per cent of mothers who work full-time actually want to do so.

conducted by Pregnancy and Birth magazine shows that many women no longer see
juggling a career and motherhood as desirable.

quarters of pregnant women said they would not return to work if their finances
allowed, the rest saying they would prefer to work part-time.

only 25 per cent of new mothers felt financially secure enough to take a short
break from work.

was regarded as too expensive by 95 per cent of the pregnant women surveyed,
while 68 per cent of those returning to work said they would have to rely on a
family member to look after their baby.

survey found that only 9 per cent of workplaces offered a nursery, while nearly
90 per cent of women wanted one.

By Quentin Reade

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