CIPD appoints interim managing director

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) has appointed an interim managing director in the long-term absence of chief executive Jackie Orme.

Dr Sue Upton, who is currently the CIPD’s membership and marketing director, will be responsible for improving the benefits, services and value of CIPD membership alongside her existing duties. The move recognises the long-term absence of Orme, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Gill Rider, CIPD president, said: “I have met with Jackie Orme in recent weeks and she has made clear to me that she will be unable to return to work in the immediate term. With Jackie’s blessing, the board has therefore decided to appoint Sue Upton to direct the institute in Jackie’s absence.

“Sue will be supported by her executive team colleagues – all of whom also continue to take on additional responsibilities to ensure that Jackie’s absence does not reduce our capacity to serve members, lead the profession and deliver against our objectives. I, and the rest of the board, also remain committed to providing whatever support is required.”

Rider stressed that members and customers should not be affected by the change.

The news comes as the CIPD’s annual review showed an overall revenue growth of more than 5% over the last year, resulting in an operating surplus of £1.8 million, with more than one-third of the group’s total income for the year coming from members’ subscriptions.

After a review of the CIPD’s policy to keep sufficient reserves in the general fund to meet at least one year’s operating costs, alongside a change in the basis of this calculation, it was found that the fund was £3.5 million higher than required by the policy on 30 June 2011.

Additionally, the CIPD brought in a performance incentive plan for its staff this year, which introduced a greater element of performance-related variable pay for people working at the CIPD.

The review states that this will allow the CIPD to: “better incentivise and reward the great performance we need to achieve our ambitious targets, depending on the achievement of both corporate and individual performance”.

The full CIPD annual review is available here.

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