CIPD purchase HR and payroll software from Snowdrop

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, has recently purchased integrated HR and Payroll software from solutions and services provider, Snowdrop, to enhance its management of employee data and streamline HR processes.

The CIPD will be implementing a seven user system across the range of Snowdrop modules: Spring (recruitment); Evergreen (personnel records management); Orchard (Payroll); Fountain (training administration) and U-Access (online access for line managers and employees).

The new software will be replacing the CIPD’s existing HR and Payroll systems, with the aim of providing a higher quality of information for better management reports and a fluidity of data processing that reduces time spent on HR and Payroll-related administration.

All 300 of the CIPD’s employees will have access to key areas of personnel data via the online system.

Employees will be able to view and update a range of data, including address, emergency details and complete sickness documentation.

Devolving responsibility in this way not only frees up more time for strategic activities, but also promotes the value of personnel data to employees that are essential to the core values of the CIPD.

Samantha Furlano, Project Manager/HR Business Partner for the CIPD comments: “Through rolling out an integrated suite of products, our HR and Payroll teams both stand to benefit from more reliable and consistent information. I am excited about the vast range of possibilities this presents to us, not just as an HR team but the organisation at large.”

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