Clear communication can help save people’s lives

I read with dismay how representatives of the Police Federation have rubbished the use of key words in communications (Personnel Today, 24 July).

As an ex-Royal Marine and now an HR manager, I know the use of clear communications in war situations has saved lives, and when used to pass on information quickly and accurately it has provided a clear focus for businesses to complete day-to-day tasks.

Whether the correct phrases have been chosen is another matter. But if bobbies believe their time is better spent catching criminals, does this mean they can disregard this training in clear communications?

Will they quickly be able to attend to an officer in need of assistance if the radios are used as a ‘chat net’?

Once learned, this vocabulary becomes indispensable, and more than makes up for a bit of training time. Most junior recruits within six weeks have grasped the basics of radio language, phonetic alphabet, and clear use of easy code words.


Gary Mapletoft
HR manager
Cronite Castings


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