Coaching worldwide: the facts

PricewaterhouseCoopers and the International Coach Federation polled 5,415 coaches worldwide on their work – here are some of the results:

Gender: Globally, 68.7% of coaches are female, rising to 73.6% in New Zealand.

Hours: 39.2% of coaches worldwide are full-time, but in Germany it’s 55.1%. Only 25% of coaches in Latin America work full time.

Age: 76.3% of respondents are under 45 and 23.7% are over 55. Only 7.3% are under 35.

Time: 86.4% of respondents have coached for less than 10 years.

Education: 53% have a postgraduate qualification, while one in eight did not go to university.

Methods: 54.5% favour face-to-face 41.9% telephone 1.1% e-mail 2.5% other.

Revenues: UK average: £32,500. For those coaching full-time: £55,994.

Specialities: Executive (18.8%); leadership (18.3%); life vision and enhancement (15.7%). Male respondents (at 26.1%) are more likely to offer executive coaching than female respondents (15.6%).

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