Cornerstone OnDemand’s Vincent Belliveau outlines how to win today’s talent war

At the HR Directors’ Business Summit, in Birmingham (29th and 30th January), Vincent Belliveau of Cornerstone OnDemand, a provider of on-demand, integrated talent management software and services, reveals how to improve performance, retention and time-to-competency.

According to Belliveau, the secret of winning today’s talent war – attracting and developing people with the skills necessary to not only be efficient, effective and productive in today’s rapidly changing work environment but also to maintain their organisation’s ‘competitive advantage’ – is to break down the organisational barriers between traditional HR processes.

“Current ITM case studies illustrate the value of a holistic approach to learning / training, competency, performance, succession and compensation,” commented Belliveau. “They show why tightly integrating processes is the real key to onboarding, developing, measuring and retaining key talent in today’s business climate.”

The HR Directors’ Business Summit brings together some 350 of the top HR professionals from all over Europe to debate key issues not only including talent management but also outsourcing, recruitment and retention, improving performance, change management and employee benefits. In addition to Belliveau, key speakers include the internationally-acclaimed Mary Gober, the founder of Mary Gober International; Nicholas Higgins, the dean of the International School of Human Capital Management; and ACAS chief executive, John Taylor.

After his presentation at the HR Directors’ Business Summit, Belliveau – a former director of IBM’s Master Data Management and Information Integration Solutions who has also worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company – travels to London to speak at the Learning Technologies event at Olympia (30th and 31st January), on the subject of ‘Strategic employee onboarding: first impressions are everything.’

“Leading organisations realise that onboarding or induction is a business process that increases employee engagement and retention, and accelerates time-to-productivity,” Belliveau explained.

“It’s not just about filling out forms for HR on the first week of work. Today’s shift in the marketplace has seen a move from administrative HR processes to strategic integrated talent management.”

Belliveau’s seminar at Learning Technologies addresses:

  • What is the ‘right’ onboarding and induction experience?

  • How does good onboarding and induction impact employee retention and satisfaction?

  • What are some examples of successful onboarding techniques and processes?

  • How can you measure the return on investment in onboarding?


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