Counselling and psychotherapy association enforces complaints procedures

of the leading organisations for counsellors and psychotherapists has extended
its complaints procedure to try and ensure the highest standards of behaviour
by its members.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has tightened up its
ethical and complaints procedures to reassure the public that a BACP-registered
practitioner is accountable and trustworthy.

the organisation warns that as it cannot regulate beyond its membership – only
the Government can solve the problem of unqualified practitioners.

points to several recent cases where doctors, psychologists, and priests have
exploited their clients sexually or otherwise while claiming to be giving them

BACP has always had a complaints procedure but instead of a simple list of do’s
and don’ts therapists must now conduct themselves within the values and
principles of counselling and psychotherapy.

qualities that the BACP would like practitioners to possess include empathy,
sincerity, integrity and respect.

Katie Hawkins

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