Court adopts novel idea to summon new recruits

Her Majesty’s Courts Service has hit on a novel recruitment tactic. It is sending a fake court summons to attract the attention of potential recruits.

The government agency – which is responsible for the administration of the civil, family and criminal courts across England and Wales – is addressing the summons to: ‘a remarkable police officer, any police service, anywhere in the UK’ who would like to apply for the role of director of enforcement.

The enforcement job involves leading a national push to recover millions of pounds of unpaid court orders.

The ‘summons’ urges any potential recruits to reply within five days.

“If you do nothing, judgement may be given against you and in years to come you will look back on a significant missed opportunity,” it says.
The salary, detailed as the ‘number of unpaid annual fines’, is £80,000.

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