Creating diversity within the law

Creating a more diverse workforce means rethinking recruitment strategy.  But how do you create a level playing field without falling foul of discrimination legislation?

Here are ten tips from the Commission for Racial Equality

  • Develop an equal opportunities policy, covering recruitment, promotion and training.
  • Set an action plan, with targets, so that staff have a clear idea what can be achieved and when.
  • Provide training for all staff throughout your organisation, to ensure they understand the importance of equal opportunities. Provide additional training for those in recruitment, selection and training.
  • Assess the present position, so you know where you are starting from.
  • Review recruitment, selection, promotion and training procedures regularly, to ensure that you are delivering on your policy.
  • Draw up clear and justifiable job criteria, which are demonstrably objective and job-related.
  • Offer pre-employment training, where appropriate, to prepare potential job applicants for selection tests and interviews.
  • Encourage applications from under-represented groups and feature women, ethnic minority staff and people with disabilities in recruitment literature.
  • Consider flexible working, career breaks, providing childcare facilities, and so on, to help women in particular meet domestic responsibilities and pursue their occupations; and consider providing special equipment and assistance to help people with disabilities.
  • Develop links with local community groups, organisations and schools, in order to reach a wider pool of potential applicants.

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