Royal Navy revamps its website in a bid to appeal to younger recruits

The Royal Navy has revamped its recruitment methods in a bid to increase the number of younger recruits it attracts.

The service’s website now includes a range of additional features specifically aimed at 16 to 24-year-olds, including e-cards, video diaries and mobile downloads.

The site focuses on “real heroes” and features navy staff talking about their life and work in the Royal Navy.

A spokesman from the Directorate of Naval Recruiting said: “The current recruitment campaign is a great example of full integration where one strategic idea has been effectively implemented through all channels.”

Twentysix London, a digital new media agency which helped to design the site, said the Royal Navy was making itself more accessible to a younger market.

Paul Coffey, client services director at Twentysix London, said: “The Royal Navy may be a traditional brand with a long history but this new treatment brings it bang up-to-date and makes it relevant to today’s generation.”

The Ministry of Defence has also launched a new recruitment campaign. More than 14,000 soldiers left the army in 2006.

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