Crystal Ball tracking system helps catch major crime gang

A high-tech device fitted by leading fleet tracking service provider Crystal Ball has helped police catch and convict a major UK crime gang.

Information obtained by detectives from an innovative new GPS tracking device fitted into a car led to the arrest and conviction of 18 people at a court in the north of England earlier this month.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh said: “This case highlights that, not only is this product a very effective and comprehensive tool for businesses wanting to monitor their fleet vehicles, it can also provide valuable information in the fight against crime.

“After a formal request from police, we were able to retrieve and provide precise journey and location information for a vehicle over a three-month period which was very detailed and robust enough to stand legal scrutiny and help obtain convictions.”

Manchester-based Crystal Ball is at the forefront of developing ground-breaking technology which aids vehicle tracking, lone worker protection and employee monitoring as well as fighting crime.

Its newly developed tracking applications for mobile phones also provide the same level of detailed information and create a remote workforce management system which allows employers to comply with legislation and protect their workforce.

Exact details of the case and the locations where the offences were committed are not being released as police are hoping to use the technology again as a cutting edge tool in their fight against organised crime.

But one of the country’s top detectives – former Det Chief Supt Mick Gradwell – has heralded it as a significant breakthrough in the battle against organised criminal gangs.

 He explained: “To be able to obtain this level of detail from a tracking device over such a long period of time and through such a technically reliable system has major implications for tracking the movements of criminals and fighting crime.

“I can think of many cases where this kind of technology would have greatly assisted officers in bringing criminals to justice.”

Crystal Ball systems allow the monitoring of live journey information including speed, journey time and distance and use of hands-free kits.

Its web-based system also captures all incoming and outgoing mobile phone call and text information in real time.

The company’s applications work on popular GPS-enabled smart phones which include for example Blackberrys, Nokias and HTCs. 

Comprehensive mobile phone and vehicle tracking packages are available from Crystal Ball from only £6.94 per month.

For further information, go to or telephone 08450 501 501.


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