Daily workplace rituals boost performance

work better if they carry out the same daily rituals such as drinking from the
same cup or even using the same toilet according to research.

survey, by recruitment firm Office Angels, finds that daily routines like
wearing a favourite tie or using the same ruler could be the key to
outperforming colleagues who are not such creatures of habit.

per cent of office workers claim that they feel more confident after completing
their daily rituals and that they leave them in a positive frame of mind.

Jacobs, Office Angels’ director of corporate communications, claims that
rituals help to prevent workplace stress.

said, “People tend to impose these workplace rituals upon themselves as a way of
gaining control over situations or to help them feel more at home and able to
cope with the daily stresses and strains."

quarter of employees treat themselves when they complete a task they hate.

research finds that rituals create a sense of security and sometimes even
extend to using the same toilet cubical each day, even if it means waiting for
it to become empty.

survey of 1,500 employees shows that four out of ten employees always drink
from a favourite mug while three quarters mark out their workplace territory by
putting names on rulers, staplers and hole punchers.

per cent regularly wear a favourite tie or an expensive suit to work in the
belief that it will improve performance and boost their confidence in meetings.


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