DaimlerChrysler staff begin work to rule campaign

More than 200 staff at car manufacturer’s DaimlerChrysler warehouse in Milton Keynes have begun a ‘work to rule’ campaign as part of dispute over pay.

The company has offered a three-year pay deal of 1.5% in year one followed by inflation minus 1% in the two subsequent years. It is also looking to end paid breaks, which led to a vote in favour of industrial action and the start of a ‘work to rule’ last Friday.

John Street, regional industrial organiser for the Transport and General Workers Union, said the deal would effectively mean pay cuts for staff.

“These cars are top of the range in the car market and our people are top of the range in logistics and distribution,” said Street.

“If DaimlerChrysler wants to keep its reputation as a modern, go-ahead company, it should think again about how it treats its workforce.”

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