David and Susan top the league of bankable names

 If you thought you needed a good degree, experience, ability and ambition to become a high-flier in business you may well be right, but if you want to earn real money it will help if you’re called David or Susan.

Barclays analysed 60,000 of its Premier Banking customers (who earn more than 100,000), and pinpointed the names that came up most often. Susan and David were the most common names in the list.

The top earning men’s names were: David, John, Michael, Peter, Paul, Andrew, Richard, Robert, Mark and Stephen. For women it was: Susan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Helen, Patricia, Jacqueline, Alison, Anne and Nicola.

However, modern parents are clearly not interested in cash, as the most popular names last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, were Jack for a boy – its 10th year at the top – and Emily for a girl. Other top boys’ names included Thomas, Joshua, James and Daniel – none of which were on Barclays’ list. Popular girls names included Chloe, Ellie, Jessica and Sophie.

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