Defusing workplace conflict mastermind

No matter what business you are in – managing staff brings with it challenges, problems and stresses.  Even if you are a competent manager and an expert in your field – time-consuming and sometimes thorny staff management issues will interrupt your working day.

If you haven’t had the time or opportunity to learn how to manage people in a way that leads to a motivated, conscientious, accountable and conflict-free team, this can be stressful and time-consuming!

Do you …

  • Dread or avoid having those difficult conversations with your staff?

  • Worry about challenging poor performance?

  • Have difficulty in forming effective working relationships?

If so, Jean Kelly Consultancy can help with their Defusing Workplace Conflict Mastermind – a six month development programme for managers and Human Resources – brought to your desk!

Jean Kelly has spent the past 15 years working closely with managers and HR teams helping them deal with conflict in the workplace and how to ensure that teams work effectively together.  Jean has coached individual managers who have had difficulty in handling members of their team and helped them find a management style that is respectful and motivating.  She has also investigated more than 70 formal complaints of harassment and bullying and learned firsthand the mistakes managers can make when dealing with their staff.

“With this unique experience, I know why things go wrong and how conflict and formal grievances of harassment and bullying could have been avoided,” says Jean Kelly.  “I can share the simple steps managers can take to prevent conflict at work.”

Jean Kelly has put all her learning into a Defusing Workplace Conflict Mastermind Programme so that you can benefit from her many years’ experience. 

Month by month, she will share with you her expertise in managing staff so that you can develop a conflict-free and harmonious workplace.  Each month there will be a tele-masterclass with bite-sized pieces of information for you to learn and practise during that month, plus question and answer calls, mini assignments and action plans, as well as a dedicated time to ring Jean Kelly to discuss in confidence any difficult people management issue that you would like extra support in dealing with – so allowing Jean to coach you through each issue.

By the end of the six months you can be:

  • A confident people manager able to raise standards and challenge poor performance

  • Able to defuse workplace conflict quickly and easily so that disagreements do not fester and become disruptive and costly

  • An excellent listener who knows how and when to support your staff

  • A confident coach who can encourage your team to be resourceful and accountable

  • Able to hold those difficult conversations in a respectful way

  • In short, you will be able to concentrate on your ‘day’ job without worrying about all the niggly people issues.  Think of the peace of mind that will bring you and the savings in time and resources!

By joining this community, you will benefit from being part of an interactive support network of managers from similar organisations with whom you can learn from and share ideas. 

Join this exciting programme and get intense, step-by-step doses of people management success secrets each month via phone, internet and mail.



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