Despite the recession taking its toll on employee engagement, it remains a low priority for companies

A survey of 300 managers across the UK and Ireland shows that only 18% of organisations are using employee engagement strategies to a great extent.

This is despite almost half (44%) of respondents seeing a decrease in employee engagement during the recession, and 60% believing that an engaged workforce significantly affects an organisation’s performance.

The research undertaken by global talent and career management consultancy Right Management showed that the majority of managers (60%) recognised the importance of employee engagement techniques. The top three factors effecting engagement were cited as ‘good remuneration’, ‘challenging work’ and ‘opinions being valued’.

Despite this awareness, many managers do not rate their own knowledge of engagement techniques suggesting that many are approaching it intuitively rather than through formal training.

Right Management’s Managing Director Jayne Carrington, says: “A disengaged workforce shouldn’t simply be accepted as a by product of the recession. As we all eagerly anticipate a period of recovery, employers will face a number of challenges, such as staff turnover, low morale and talent shortages still remain a key issue for many organisations, many of which have had to undertake downsizing activities as well.”

 “Addressing employee engagement, and critically equipping managers with the skills, confidence and clarity to make a difference to their team’s performance, energy levels and motivation, will shape the success of those organisations which weather the storm of economic recovery.”

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