Director claims complaint brought unfair dismissal

A former
operations director of broadcaster ONdigital has told a tribunal that he was
unfairly dismissed after complaining about not being paid a bonus.

John Egan,
40, told a tribunal last week that he was not paid a £75,000 bonus for a launch
and a further £25,000 based on his overall performance, despite ONdigital
publicly claiming the launch was a success.

received a £50,000 ex gratia payment, but is arguing for the other £50,000.

His lawyer
Michael Burd, of Lewis Silken, told Personnel Today that all ONdigital
employees below director level received their bonuses for the successful

He said,
“By all accounts, it was a successful launch. It was on time, on budget and
they delivered a new technology that worked. ONdigital was telling the wide
world that it was a success.”

company’s position in not paying Egan the bonus was “untenable”, added Burd.

spokesman for ONdigital said, “The dispute is over whether a bonus should be
paid in full. Although the launch was successful, some of the elements that had
been set out in the business plan had not been achieved.”

tribunal has yet to come to a decision on the case.

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