Disability omission proves risk of two-tier diversity

Your ‘Cancelling Christmas is an overreaction’ legal analysis (Personnel Today, 12 December) confirmed a concern that I have.

It is not from what was said in the article, but more what was omitted.

Disabled people have expressed to me their concern that disability will get squeezed out in the widening equalities and diversity agenda.

With its emphasis on religion and Christmas parties, your article made no mention of disability. Nor was it mentioned in the key points, although the five other areas of equalities and diversity were mentioned.

Christmas parties are also a disability issue and the 2005 Disability Discrimination Act applies.

Hard-of-hearing staff and employees from the deaf community can find it difficult to engage with the socialising, and this reinforces their sense of isolation. The same can be true for staff with sight impairment. Then there is the matter of the physically disabled and whether venues for staff parties take into account the necessary access requirements. So, please ensure that disability is acknowledged and not lost sight of.

Richard Bryant-Jefferies
Equalities and diversity manager, Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Trust

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