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Q I am required to provide Bradford Factor reports [a way of measuring sickness absence that concentrates on instances of sickness rather than number of days] on a monthly basis for about 50 individual sites in our business (totalling about 2,000 employees). Each site requires a report purely relating to its own employees on (in points order). In addition, regional managers require a report for each of their regions. At present I am using Excel to do this. It is very time-consuming and involves a lot of cutting and pasting. Does anyone know of a suitable software package or alternative method I can use?

A I used to have to produce complicated manpower reports, and all I had was Excel. Like you, I initially had to cut and paste information, and then I found a great tool on Excel, called ‘pivot tables’. These enable you to load your raw data into Excel and then produce any type and combination of report you require. Using this function you should easily be able to report on different locations and managers. You will find pivot tables under the ‘data’ menu on Excel. They look complicated at first, but just play around with them and you will soon be able to create what you want.

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