Disheartened women kept from the top

Working women become increasingly disheartened with organisational issues as they rise through the ranks, according to research.

A survey of more than 6,000 workers, by consultancy ISR, found that women working at a lower level generally have a more positive outlook on organisational issues than their male colleagues. But it warned that this changes dramatically when they reach senior management level. Many of the senior female respondents said they were discouraged from giving their opinion.

The study, Gender & Leadership, also shows that female senior managers are twice as likely to express a lack of confidence in decisions made by the senior management team as their male peers. A quarter of women respondents said they were not adequately involved in high-level decision making.

Nick Tatchell, project director at ISR, said: “These results are embarrassing for UK businesses. To have a stronger sense of personal commitment to their organisation, top level female managers need to be included in decision making, have confidence in an organisation’s leadership and feel safe to speak up.”

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