Doctors warn police commissioner Ian Blair over concerns regarding paedophiles stealing personal details from flawed NHS recruitment system

Security failings within the government’s much maligned new junior doctor recruitment system could lead to paedophiles gaining access to children’s wards, it has been claimed.

More than 100 medical workers have signed a letter to the police calling for action over the Medical Training Application System website.

The correspondence, addressed to Metropolitan Police commissioner Ian Blair, claims doctors’ personal details can be easily accessed.

“The worst-case scenario is that child sex offenders may gain access to settings such as paediatric wards because they have stolen the identity of a junior doctor,” it said.

The security breach was brought to light by Channel 4 News, which revealed that the website had failed to include basic security measures.

Channel 4 News showed that it was possible to access the personal information of junior doctors through the service by altering a few digits of the URL code or web address of pages on the site.

The recruitment programme has been previously branded “shambolic” and “open to corruption”.

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