Dotcom firms most attractive employers

Internet companies are still seen as better employers than
more traditional companies despite the continuing job losses in the dotcom

This is according to the latest research from the Career
Innovation Group, an alliance of 18 multinational firms between them employing
an estimated 1.l5 million people.

The research, which investigated the career values of
1,300 young high fliers representing 67 nationalities, concluded that large traditional
companies need to project a more entrepreneurial environment if they want to recruit
and retain a high quality workforce.

Colin Graham, author of the report ePeopleEngaging
Talent in the Entrepreneurial Age
also said red tape and internal politics
deterred many younger people from working for large companies.

John Featherstone, HR director of worldwide employment for
Sun Microsystems, agreed with the report’s findings.

He said, “The power in the job market has fundamentally
shifted away from the company to the candidate.

“The company is no longer the buyer but the seller in the
market for talent. At Sun we have already turned traditional people processes
on their head.”

By Richard
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