DPG introduce new approach to assess managers

A new objective management assessment tool to help signpost a manager’s strengths and weaknesses is being rolled out across the UK by DPG.

With a track record of tests already taken by 150,000 managers around the world map Assessment is being introduced by DPG who have the UK rights to the programme originally developed in the USA by Dr Scott Parry.

Parry, inductee to the Human Resource Development Scholar Hall of Fame, distilled map Assessment from his analysis of research by a range of large American businesses including Exxon, IBM, Kodak, Martin Marietta and Ford that showed 12 competencies are consistently possessed by the most effective managers.

He developed an objective test through map Assessment to assess management capabilities against these core competencies:

Relating to Others –


  • Listening & Organising
  • Giving Clear Information
  • Getting Unbiased Information
  • Thinking Clearly


  • Identifying & Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions, Weighing Risks
  • Thinking Clearly & Analytically

Managing Your Job – (Administrative)

  • Time Management & Prioritising
  • Setting Goals & Standards
  • Planning & Scheduling Work

Building Team – (Management)

  • Training, Coaching & Delegating
  • Appraising People & Performance
  • Discipline & Counselling

The map Assessment tool has now been adapted and rewritten specifically for the UK market and is currently being used extensively in both the public and private sectors.

With organisations such as Manchester City Council and npower using it to benchmark the management abilities in their organisations, and then develop highly effective, tailored training and coaching to improve management ability and efficiency.

Talking about the introduction of map Assessment in the UK, general manager, Robert Wagner said, “We believe that map Assessment will literally show a new direction for HR professionals and those with a stake in developing management capability.

“The system provides the objective core of an independent test with a benchmarking of scores against the thousands who have already taken it. Basically, their strengths and weakness are measured against those of their peers so that training and development needs can be accurately and cost-effectively met.

“The whole assessment and analysis process is completed in less than two days which adds value for managers and teams who need to minimise their downtime from core duties. Management teams or individuals can take the map Assessment route so it is ideal for organisations of all sizes.”

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