Duvet days make UK workers lazy

report into why workers take days off blames the "duvet day" culture
for elaborate employee excuses. One employee said he could not turn up to work
because his rabbit was sick.

report, published by recruitment firm Personnel  & Care Bank, also lists excuses such as: My
toothbrush has worn out and I’m not going to work without cleaning my teeth; we
thought my father had died, but he was just sitting still; I have not got the
bus fare; I could not get a dog-sitter

avoid coming into work one employee said, “I have just found out that I was
switched at birth. Legally I should not come into work knowing my employee
records now contain false information.”

Payne Personnel & Care Bank’s managing director, said  “In England, everyone has 20 days paid
holiday which is not the case in the US. Staff must realise they have to use
their holidays for days off and not expect extra duvet days.”

than one third of British workers admit to taking time off work due to

is said to cost British business more than 
£13bn annually.  


By Paul Nelson

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