E-recruit shortcomings exposed

20 per cent of e-recruiting sites are contributing significantly to their
company’s recruitment processes, according to research from the US.

Cambria Consulting survey of 140 corporate e-recruiting sites in the US has
found that 65 per cent of sites could be improved.

report, Winning the War for Talent, suggests that corporate e-recruitment could
be strengthened by establishing an interactive link to a recruiter or an HR
contact, having an accessible career section in a corporate home page,
maintaining an up-to-date list of job openings and by allowing candidates to
apply for more than one vacancy at a time. It also found navigating to find the
career sections in company Websites is a problem.

40 per cent of companies have no direct or visible links from their home page
to pages designed for potential job applicants, concludes the report.

report urges companies to make the process of finding careers and job vacancies
as simple as possible for candidates, in order to harness the power of the Web
as a recruiting tool.

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