e2train launches Kallidus 8

e2train, the UK’s leading supplier of learning and performance technologies, today announced the launch of Kallidus 8, an enterprise-wide learning and performance environment.

The new system offers an easy to use ‘iGoogle style’ web gadget learner interface which will enable learning professionals to integrate formal and informal learning within a single solution.

e2train has also built a new reporting platform into the system, making it one of the most powerful mid-market enterprise-wide learning solutions available on the market today.

A recent survey from industry analysts, Bersin & Associates, found that 68% of knowledge workers now feel that their biggest learning problem is an “overwhelming volume of information.”

Similarly, one of the key challenges learning and development professionals face today is how best to make use of informal learning and use it to generate valuable business and performance-based information.

Kallidus 8 helps learning professionals manage this information by enabling them to specify an environment for their learner that combines their own formal learning and performance operations with links to external tools, informal or otherwise.

This means that a far wider range of learning can now be delivered within a structured and easy-to-navigate environment. In this way, informal learning can operate seamlessly with more formal learning, such as instructor-led teaching, e-learning and blended learning.

Kallidus 8’s new ‘iGoogle style’ web-gadget-driven interface raises the bar on the learner experience, bringing it into line, navigationally, with the web’s most popular sites.

The new interface will also enable the administrator to easily specify user profiles which provide their own set of windows and tools.

The launch comes at a time when there is a clear market demand for new ways of learning and reporting on such learning.

A survey of over 100 senior L&D managers held only this month by e2train in partnership with the Learning and Skills Group found that 87% of respondents believe there needs to be a stronger link between learning & development and core business processes and strategy.

The survey also found that over 60% of managers had a positive attitude towards learning as long as the benefits are clear.

Linking learning closer to organisational needs was also deemed to be the single greatest personal learning challenge faced by L&D managers today (28%) followed by increasing L&D’s profile within the organisation (17%) and social learning and the use of Web 2.0 tools (16%).

45% of respondents said they would provide more comprehensive or more frequent reports to the board, if they had the necessary tools to do so.

Said e2train’s Managing Director, Rob Caul:

“We are convinced that Kallidus 8 can provide a truly collaborative, flexible, enterprise-wide learning solution that can generate and disseminate critical information and whose reporting capabilities can provide real resonance with managers right up into the boardroom.”

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