Echelon refines products and services to benefit clients in today’s challenging marketplace

The organisation development consultancy, Echelon, has announced a revised package of products and services to help its clients take advantage of today’s difficult market conditions and develop stronger businesses with ‘engaged’ employees.

The move comes as part of a refined and refocused business vision and strategy introduced by Echelon’s recently appointed managing director, Alistair Morrison.

Morrison explained: “These new products and services from Echelon are attracting a great deal of interest from our clients because, when times get tough, you need to get the most out of your workforce.

“Moreover, you have to make this sustainable – so that it will keep your business’ bottom line improving consistently.

“That means driving employee performance by building employee engagement,” he continued. “Motivation is temporary but engagement means that employees ‘buy in’ to the values and goals of the business and so will constantly and consistently ‘go the extra mile’ to make that business successful.”

Echelon’s new package of products and services is focused on internal communications and people development solutions that create sustainable performance improvements for clients. In particular, the new package covers such areas as:

  • Performance management

  • Employee engagement

  • Lean production in ‘white collar’ industries

  • Human capital management

  • Workforce effectiveness

“We are delivering these through a combination of consultancy, internal communications, training, self-paced learning materials and various performance support tools and techniques,” Morrison explained.

Working with a wide range of client in all sectors of the economy, Echelon is delivering its ‘employee engagement’ materials via such things as text-based and online continuing professional development (CPD) learning; employee magazines; performance support tools, role play and other classroom-based training delivery; internal communications messages, and marketing materials to allow its clients to communicate effectively and efficiently to their customers.

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