EEF calls for changes to agency workers directive

Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) is pushing for an amendment to the
controversial agency workers directive that would see certain temporary staff

Yeandle, EEF deputy director of employment policy, discussed the amendment
during a meeting with Rapporteur leke van den Burg, the MEP currently working
on the directive.

proposed amendment would exclude highly-paid and skilled temporary workers,
such as aircraft fitters and design engineers, as long as they earn more than
average earnings.

EEF is concerned that the directive, which could give temporary workers the
right to the same pay and conditions as permanent staff after six weeks, will
damage workforce flexibility and discourage employers from using temps.

said the delegation, which included several UK employers worried that new
amendments would mean equal rights from day one of employment, made some
positive progress.

said: "I think there was a genuine dialogue and a willingness to
understand the adverse impact this could have on the labour market. It
demonstrated how vital it is to have representatives from companies who can
explain the effect it would have on their business."

By Ross Wigham

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