Election TV debate puts immigration and pension funds centre stage

The second election TV debate last night saw the topic of immigration and migrant workers take centre stage again as the three would-be prime ministers battled out their policies on the issue.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg proposed an amnesty for illegal immigrants, which came under fire from Gordon Brown and David Cameron. The Conservative party leader said a cap on immigration was the only way to control the numbers of overseas people coming to live and work in the UK.

Insufficient funds for pensioners were also discussed as the leaders sought to discuss everyday domestic matters rather than the scheduled debate on foreign affairs, the Telegraph reported.

All three leaders agreed with an 84-year-old woman who said she did not think her £59-a-week state pension was enough.

Brown said the Labour Party would end the “scandal” of low pension provision for women who had spent time away from work caring for children – rather than topping up pension contributions.

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