Employee Share Schemes

Employee Share Schemes
Author: Philip Fisher
Price: £49
Publisher: Croner CCH Group
Pages: 588
ISBN: 1-84140-226-5

This book unravels the maze of potential share schemes, enabling those in a finance director role or working within senior HR management to plan for a specialised scheme to try to consolidate retention of a company’s more valued staff.

It has all the ingredients and relevant information to address the deep concerns that would confront someone attempting to plan something specific for a group of high-value employees. It covers PAYE, National Insurance, expatriates and HM Revenue and Customs, making it an essential and useful tool to start such an exercise.

It is written in a manner which allows a reader to browse through the subject matter, but very quickly pick up the most relevant criteria to form the basis of a potential plan for discussion. Its descriptions of the various situations and potential pitfalls will help readers make decisions relevant to their particular situation.

This is probably the most practical work I have read for some years. The various schemes and advice are complete guides to what is available and how to deal with such information, and the book offers a set of suggestions on the best way forward.

Useful? Five stars
Well-written? Five stars
Practical? Five stars
Inspirational? Five stars
Value for money? Five stars

Reviewed by John Hooley, HR operations manager, Windsor Lea Associates

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