Employers flexible with time off for public duty

A survey of 77 organisations by Personnel Today’s sister publication IRS Employment Review reveals 60% of respondents have formal policies covering time off for public or civic duties.

It also shows that line managers have primary responsibility for dealing with requests for time off to perform public duties, cited as the case by 55% of the employers surveyed.

More than three-quarters of the respondents said they would permit more flexible working patterns so that employees could balance their work with their public role. Forty-seven employers said they would consider a request to move to part-time work, and 27 said they would consider requests to work from home.

Forty-five employers had policies giving reservists time off for training, with five to 10 days’ paid leave being a common option.

The findings also show that the majority – 68% – said that absence due to jury service had caused difficulties at work, although these had been manageable.

Only 13% of the employers surveyed would allow paid time off for an employee moving home, with 79% saying they should use annual leave. The majority also feel that annual leave should be used to get married, with just 9% saying that they would give their employee paid time off.

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