Employers urged to get tough with work rage

Employers have been urged to clamp down on office anger after a survey revealed that four in five UK workers suffer from work rage.

Employment law firm Peninsula found that 79% of the 1,214 employees it polled had lost their temper at work.

Seven in 10 workers said that abuse shouting was common in their workplace. More than 91% of those affected by work rage said they were most frustrated by colleagues failing to pull their weight.

Deb Gibbons, head of diversity at Peninsula, said employers had to take responsibility for calming the office environment.

“Contributing factors towards work rage include disrespectful behaviour from co-workers and management, and stress of the job,” she said.

“First, employers should check stress levels among staff. If stress levels are high, [they should] do something about it before the problem escalates, because stressful conditions can result in short tempers.

“Second, employers should introduce a zero-tolerance policy towards workplace rage, prohibiting verbal abuse or threats of violence of any sort.”

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