EOC demands extra pension for carers

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is calling for a universal base state pension for all workers plus additional pension provisions for those with caring responsibilities.

The call came after EOC research showed that older workers are prevented from taking jobs or remaining in current jobs because of  inflexible working hours.

Fewer than one in six older men and just one in four older women currently working in a flexible working arrangement, the research reveals.

Those who are forced out of jobs early suffer from pension reductions and subsequently rely on benefits, increasing social security payments paid for by the taxpayer, the EOC said.

Fewer than one-fifth of recently retired women, who tend to have more caring responsibilities than men, are entitled to the full basic state pension compared to their contribution.

Jenny Watson, acting chair of the EOC, said: “Our current pension system fails to fully recognise the contribution of parents and carer. Only a universal state pension which everyone is entitled to will solve the problem.”

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