Equality Act 2010: discrimination forms published

The Government has published new forms that employees can use to obtain information from their employer if they think they have been treated unlawfully under the Equality Act 2010, which comes into force next month.

Employees who think that their employer has discriminated against, harassed or victimised them, or believe that they have not received equal pay, can send this form to their employer to obtain further information about their treatment.

The forms, which replace individual discrimination questionnaires, aim to help employees understand why they were treated in a particular way and whether or not they have grounds to make a claim.

The Equality Act (Obtaining Information Order) 2010 comprises two forms for employees. One can be used to ask questions about an act of discrimination that involves equal pay, the other for questions that do not.

The Government has also published forms that employers should use to respond to employees’ forms. They allow employers to confirm whether or not they agree with the allegations and, if they don’t, explain their reasons why. This can help settle complaints as it helps both employee and employer identify the issues in dispute.

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