Equality Bill should not be regarded as a burden

Undoubtedly many HR professionals have been quaking at the thought of the Equality Bill (‘Public sector suppliers made to reveal diversity details’, Personnel Today, 24 June).

It is a worry for companies with no formal diversity policies in place and they will be concerned about the administrative mountain they think it will cause. But if managed correctly, it should bring much needed transparency to the private sector.

If organisations are to turn the Bill into an opportunity, rather than a chore, they cannot afford to take a piecemeal approach. Taking the time to develop a comprehensive diversity management programme, that is supported by the right systems, will have positive repercussions.

The implementation of proper diversity management provides companies with a robust audit trail in case of employee litigation, not to mention the ‘foot in the door’ that will be needed for future public sector contracts.

A structured approach to diversity can positively impact both job satisfaction and employee retention, which means the Equality Bill is far from a burden – it is a positive opportunity.

Damian Williams, managing director, ROC UK

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